What is a Discovery Flight?
    It is an opportunity for you to actually fly an airplane under the direction of a certificated flight instructor. The flight instructor will help you taxi out, takeoff, and you will do the air work.
    The flight itself will last about half of an hour, and you can plan on spending a total of an hour with us. Prior to the flight the instructor will walk you through the necessary Pre-Flight inspection, which usually takes fifteen minutes. Upon arrival back at The Flight School the remainder of the time can be used for any questions that you might have for the instructor in terms of how you felt about the flight or how to go about getting yourself on the schedule so that you can start your flying adventure! The instructor will also introduce you to our training center computer based instruction program! The only complete computer-based private pilot program available! The instructor will answer all of your questions about learning to fly, and explain how you will become a safe, competent pilot. The cost of the flight is $49.00 plus tax.

Are there any age requirements?
    Our students range from 14 years of age to 80. You must be 16 in order to solo in an aircraft, and 17 to get your Private Pilot License.

Is it really safe to fly?
    The answer is yes. When properly trained flying is safer than driving to the airport in your car. There are rules in the sky just as there are rules on the roads. There are actually highways in the sky.

How do I get started?
    Just call us at The Flight School at (716) 579-5120 and schedule a Discovery Flight. It's that simple. We will take you flying in our C172!